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Subject: [Steppes] to those interested in Irish Gaelic
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Dia dhuit,

  To those who find an interest in Irish Gaelic, find a desire to learn
one of the most beautiful and poetic languages in the world, or just
wish to know what the heck it is, pay heed.

  After careful dilleberation I have decided to formalize an Irish Gaelic
study group in the area.

  The Mission: To gather a group of people and teach each other Irish
Gaelic. We will learn the language in depth at a good, self fuled, pace.
This will allow each person to proress as fast as they wish and as far
as they wish.....

  I have found that when learning a language, the best way lay in a group
of like minded people. It helps to remember and retain what you have
learned when there are others to speak it with you and help you along.

  The Hope: To spread the Irish language to those who hope to keep it
alive. It is my dream to speak the language fluently, and pass it on to

  I will not lie, part of why I am doing this is to help my own Irish. I
have lamented for a long time at not haveing anyone to learn it or speak
it with. I also desire to keep this language alive.

  The Materals: we will be learning from the book, "Teach Yourself Irish".
I have found this book very well put together and easy to understand. It
is also advisable to bring paper and something to wright with, though I
will have some here.

  We will learn vocabulary to begin with, while teaching ourselves how to
read and pronounce it. then we will move on, step by step, into forming
the sentence and grammer.

  The Place and Time: it will be held twice a month, the second and fourth
fridays, starting next month, the 14th and the 28th. For now the
location will be at my house, the adress is as follows....

  228 Vista Way
  Benbrook, 76126

  It will be open to be hosted at other places in the very near future, so
long as everyone can make it there. There might even be quite a few
study nights at Denny's or the like.....

  I have been learning Irish for about a year now, and can speak it
deacently. From there we have our starting point, and I welcome anyone
with a knowledge of the language to jump in and help out. I hope to see
many of you there, and look forward to shareing with you something that
has brought me pride and joy.

  slante agus slan,
  Jacob (otherwise known as Yagyu Masamori Nobunaga)

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