[Elfsea] [Steppes] spam trapped-- was "rapier tonight"

McMahan, Brett Brett.McMahan at Decatur.esc11.net
Thu Aug 23 06:50:24 PDT 2007

he should be passing through on my white-list now, as should everyone else that I've caught...the school every once in a while resets my white-list, so I have to re-open it address by adress...  The steppes-bounces at lists and elfsea-bounces at lists.ansteorra all get through, but any personal "from" addresses get caught up 'til my daily spam report, when I can see them and white-list them... that'll fix it... at least 'til the I.T. messes with it again...

in short, If I'm a day or so unresponsive to a private message,thats why... I usually see everything posted to the lists..


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Sorry that you didn't get any of the emails. I told Ingve to email you and
he said he just had. did you get his email?
If you need to talk to someone about practice - give me a call - I'm no
Ingve but I'm good at making sure people communicate. :)
Adelina 9038159615

On 8/22/07, McMahan, Brett <Brett.McMahan at decatur.esc11.net> wrote:

> thank y'all, but Your replies got spam-trapped for some reason... Didn't
> find them til this morning
> uilliacc

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> Subject: [Steppes] Raipier tonight?
> Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 17:49:27 -0500
> Is anyone planning practice tonight? If so, please remind me where...
> uilliacc
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