[Elfsea] Thank you from Lammas day

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Thu Aug 23 20:11:33 PDT 2007

Thanks everyone!  and thanks Anistashia, for letting me play :D   Rua

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>Subject: [Elfsea] Thank you from Lammas day
>Date: Wed, 22 Aug 2007 18:37:42 -0500
>I would like to thank all the people who attended this past weekend Every
>time I had a few min to look around I saw happy smiling faces everywere I
>look this is what made the event such a wonderfull thing for me.
>Since this was my first attempt at Autocrating an event there had to be 
>snags ( I know the bathrooms) If anyone noticed any others please contact 
>privetly, I am thinking about putting in a bid for future events
>Lammas Day Tribute had 91 people sighn in at gate we made a profit and the
>populus seemed happy in my opinion that made Lammas a sucess. It couldnt
>have ben a sucess with out the help of these people in no particular order
>Yagyu Masamori Nobunaga  A&S comp tear down tavern
>Lady Mairi Beswicke gate tear down unloading
>Jorunn Bjornson gate
>Catrin ferch Maelgwn  Set up
>Hamish (King of phools
>Adelaide Geiger Volenteered for hobby horse races
>Rosalia di Bellavita  donated lots of stuff taught class
>Lady Hanna von Dahl donations
>Meistir Darius of the Bells Taught class made tourches donations
>Kaz     Web Page
>Xue coordination, tavern ,belt favors, any online communications, my 1st
>Lord Seanan set up tear down gaming tent
>Lord Tristan Sanglant putting up w/ Me set up tear down gaming tent made 
>Sutter John set up
>Lady Marla calming factor races tear down
>Lord Wiylie set up fighting coordinator tavern
>Bella Possie prize baskets tavern making tokens
>Christine silent auction making tokens and belt favors
>Lord Allen races tear down outrageous comp
>Lady Ethnie CIC
>Roesia water bearing
>Please join me in thanking these honerable people for all the effort they
>put into making A Lammas Day Tribute an event we could all have fun with
>Thank you
>Anistashia Rudrefer
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