[Elfsea] event wrap-up

Ameline DuBois Ameline at generich.com
Fri Aug 24 10:35:35 PDT 2007

As with any "Thank you" for an event, unless you walk around with a
notepad to write down all the names, people, unintentionally, get left
out. All the people at the event worked to make it fun, for them and
others Thank you all. :-) I think the Keystone adviser for Anastasia was
Lady Aislyn I wish to thank her for all she did with the event. Working
as seneschal and advisor is a big task and you even helped with the
loading too!!! Duchess Willow told me she had nothing to do with Lamas
Day, her work to make sure others get more the accolades is admirable,
Thank you Duchess Willow for helping Anastasia. Then comes the real work
that the autocrats never get thanked for....The paper work!!!!!!!! This
is the real finish to the event, not when the last camper leaves site,
or things gets put back in the shed. Thank you, Anastasia, I am told all
of this is in already, that may be a record!!! WOW It was a fun event
with so many things to do and such a beautiful site we look forward to
using again!


In Service to Crown and Elfsea,

Baroness Ameline DuBois

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