[Elfsea] Apologies and Amendments to my Lammas thank Yours

Vicki Marsh vmarsh at twmarsh.net
Fri Aug 24 17:54:59 PDT 2007

I had a wonderful time this past weekend at Lammas Day. 
Many thanks to Anistashia and all of her helpers and mentors for putting
together such a lovely event. The lake was beautiful and when the breezes
blew and stories were being told, I could close my eyes and remember the
Ansteorra of my youth.
I'm also thankful that the breads that were donated by my friend Jason of
Panera Breads were enjoyed and appreciated. I also wish to thank the lovely
audience who allowed me to share my stories with them. It's been a long
while since I've done any bardic and they were attentive and didn't heckle
me one bit! I was able to overcome my nerves and tell two new stories that I
learned this summer past.
In Service,
Lady Xene
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Let me start off saying I am sorry for anyone else I missed in my thank yous
It is not that you aren't appreciated its just that I have a lousy memory 
But there is one person that I did not mention before not because I forgot
she helped but because she is so close to my heart I didn't see her with my
Her Grace Willow My Mentor for this event she was my stand in for I had no
keystone. She is family to me and her closeness wiped thought of thanks from
my mind (as it did w/ my Lord Tristan) 
I know alot of people view me as an extension of Willow but most don't
understand I am not an extension of her My growth in the society is due to
her She has been my Mentor since she first asked me to be a lady in waiting
unfortunately my closeness to her has let me not come to the realization she
needs acceptance just as anyone dose I want to thank her profusely for all
she has taught me. Especially about running a fun period event. Most of the
ideas for Lammas came from her. I want everyone to know just how key she was
in the planning and execution of this event. The whole time we were planning
she was there with helpful advise and words of wisdom. I couldn't have asked
for a better mentor I am proud to call her friend and family. She has been
indispensable to me. 
Also I would like to thank Johnathan the younger for helping w/ the trailer 
and Tristan for putting up with me 
Thank you for your time 
Anistashia Rudrefer 
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