[Elfsea] Lammas corections again

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Fri Aug 24 22:42:12 PDT 2007

Dear Lady,
     Do not chastise yourself overmuch in forgetting  the name of every 
single person who rendered aid unto you in the planning and  execution of your 
event.  A warm hearted thank you to all who participated  in the success of the 
event should be sufficient.  It is  always pleasant to receive public acclaim 
for the hours of work that is  devoted to a volunteer operation such as an SCA 
event, but true service is its  own reward.  It is what a person does for 
another, especially that which  goes unseen and unnoticed, except perhaps by few, 
that is rendered in the  genuine spirit of service--a job done for no other 
reason than that it needed to  be done.  Not for credit, not for glory, for 
neither award nor reward, but  simply because it was necessary, so that others 
might enjoy themselves.   You have made your apologies for overlooking those who 
were not mentioned by  name, and that is all that is needed.  Thank you for 
your efforts to  recognize and thank all those whom were vital to you and the 
success of Lammas  Day.  
M. Caterina Fregoso

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