[Elfsea] OT: Period Wedge Riveted Chainmail for Sale

Brandon McDermott brandonsmcd at yahoo.com
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These are the same as I posted for $55... buy as many or as few as you like... For pics contact me off list. I cannot get the ones with the heart punch outs... Sorry. And yes they also come with gloves.

Mark Wandrey <falconsword at tx.rr.com> wrote:
      v\:* {   BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }  o\:* {   BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }  w\:* {   BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }  .shape {   BEHAVIOR: url(#default#VML)  }        st1\:*{behavior:url(#default#ieooui) }              Did anyone notice the gauntlets from that site?
  A couple look functional and come with gloves. The question is the minimum quantity, but I'd be willing to go in with a few others to see if they are worth while. Full gauntlets at less thatn $200 per pair? Wow.
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    Sounds like the same website I found – chainail shirts in MY size
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Subject: [Elfsea] OT: Period Wedge Riveted Chainmail for Sale

    Greetings unto all,

     I have spoken with many people around our fair Kingdom and found there to be a large demand for GOOD and INEXPENSIVE chain mail. After much research I have found a reputable and inexpensive manufacturer of awesome, correctly made chain mail in India. All of their products are available with round or wedge rivets, and flat rings. They do not have a minimum order size, but with a large order and several people sharing the shipping costs, we can each save alot of money. Anyone interested please contact me off list or on my cell at 817-905-0840. Prices are as follows.


    Flat Stainless w/Round Rivets

    Hauberk        $470

    Leggings  $290

    Coif         $150

    Camail     $120


    Flat Oil Dipped Mild w/Wedge Rivets (all links riveted)

    Hauberk        $430

    Leggings  $260

    Coif         $135

    Camail    $105


    *Flat Oil Dipped Mild Wedge Riveted With Washers (4 solid washers w/ one riveted link)*

    !!! This is by far the best, most period, and least expensive !!!

    Hauberk        $345  

    Leggings  $210

    Coif         $110

    Camail    $85

    They also have 4 styles of finger gauntlet for $55 a pair


    Shipping is extra and will depend on the size of our order. It will be split equally and exactly between each of us. Email me for pics or questions.

    Thank you,

    Lord Lochlan Dunn


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