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I will be there. However, we do not go to "break" the defenses of fair Bonwicke, but rather we go to "illuminate" the areas that "may" need improvement. To "break" them would do a terrible disservice to our fair Ansteorra. As our great and saged Barron has stated, we simply wish to help our friends and brothers to the west in what seems to be their time of need. I intend to personally  "illuminate" as many areas as is humanly possible in the days ahead, for in a few months hence we must "illuminate" any weakness to the south of our lands. And a few more months still the Trimarian hordes will no doubt seek to "illuminate" the weaknesses along the coast. The mettle of my words may be tested by weeks end, but I fear for the safety of these lands and therefore to their defense I ride.
  Lord Lochlan Dunn
  Knight Marshal Elfsea
Meistir Darius of the Bells <masterdarius at earthlink.net> wrote:
  The time to gather arms and test Lord Bonwicke comes soon upon us. 

Rosalia and I go Friday evening to stand beside our Baron and Baroness, Who else goes with us to prove or break the defenses of the West?

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