[Elfsea] Lammas corections again

Miss M Brow starstruck503 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 28 10:38:35 PDT 2007

Anistashia, you have done a fantastic job as autocrat!  I have been "support 
staff" for quite a few autocrats and feast stewards, believe me, NOBODY ever 
remembers to thank everyone... there are just too many people involved in 
the putting on of an event that someone *always* gets left out!  Your not 
realizing Ascelyn was your keystone is testament to how well she did her job 
as support rather than her taking control.  She was there if you needed her 
and was not pushy about it- there are people in the East Kingdom who could 
learn a lot from her, lol.

Thank you for this glimpse of how Elfsea works.  I am starting to believe 
that there may be some autocratting in my future (something I never would 
have done in the East).  You made it look easy, all of you.  I know it was a 
lot of work, but there was much help and support and it was really great the 
way everyone worked together to make it happen.

I would like to take this time to volunteer to be an assistant autocrat in 
the near future.  I know most of the planning has already happened for 
Defender and although I plan on helping where I can with Defender, I would 
really like to be involved in putting on an event from the initial planning 
onward... so, what is next on the calendar and is there anyone in charge 

Thanks in advance, Mairi Beswicke, called Rua

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>Subject: [Elfsea] Lammas corections again
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>I am sorry for all the posts its seems that I cant thank anyone corectly 
>Let all who helped know I do apreashiate it even if I cant seem to get 
>thank yous right
>Master Cailen thank you for not only my ask everything guy but taking 
>charge of my gate
>I am sorry about my earlier post it seems I did have a keystone in Lady 
>Aislyn I thought her questions of how everything was going were as a 
>senichal not the key stone. I was confused
>Aislyn thank you for being my keystone and running the archery
>Now if there are any more corections I will post again Tuesday of next week 
>to include all the things I know I have missed Please feel free to email me 
>and tell me what I am supost to do
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