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BTW, by Corpora a Shire has no awards of its own, though the Kingdom may create awards they only use for a particular Shire. Cantons also do not have their own awards though the affiliated Barony may also create awards that are only used in a particular Canton.


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By Kingdom Law Every Barony has an Armigerous Service award that carries Kingdom Precedence , Ours is the Keystone. All other Baronial wards Carry no Kingdom Precedence and are tracked only on the Local level. the development of these awards and orders is left principally to the Landeds of the group in question. Some Baronies have awards for fighting like the Cross Fluery of Bryn Gwlad and some even have awards for their Children

There actually is an A&S award in Elfsea it is the Order of the Eastern Tower. It was named such for the towers on the Arms of Elfsea and the Eastern tower was chosen for the artist for though the southern exposure would gve more light throughout the day  the east gives the clear neutral light of the morning sun that is invaluable to artist. This order was founded by Daniel and Sioban during their time as our Baron and Baroness. 

The members of this Order I can think of off the top of my head are HL Desree DuPre of Dragonsfire Tor and Master Phillip White

As to why there is no Martial award in Elfsea... To this point we haven't needed one. should the need and the desire s of the populace reflect that such an order is needed I am sure that Their Excellencies and thier heirs would take the appropriate steps to create one. 

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While I was reading about the Baronial awards on the new website (which looks great, I might add), I noticed that there are no Baronial awards for fighting or for the arts, only for service.  I found this to be most curious, as the Kingdom from whence I came had awards for all three on the Baronial, Shire, and Canton levels.  Is there anyone who can speak to this?  Is this a Kingdom-wide thing, or just local?  In my experience, I have found that recognition at a local level can do much to inspire the populace to further their knowledge and practice of the arts, be they martial or otherwise.


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