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It is of course, by the discretion of the B&B,
but I would say given for excellence in playing
the game in Elfsea. 

Crandall, Oyster Irritant 

--- Chris Harper <bice at backroadsoftexas.com>

> Please forgive my aging brain, but I can’t
> remember the purpose of the award
> of the Azure Grail; can you enlighten me,
> please?
> Bicé
> There actually is an A&S award in Elfsea it is
> the Order of the Eastern
> Tower. It was named such for the towers on the
> Arms of Elfsea and the
> Eastern tower was chosen for the artist for
> though the southern exposure
> would gve more light throughout the day  the
> east gives the clear neutral
> light of the morning sun that is invaluable to
> artist. This order was
> founded by Daniel and Sioban during their time
> as our Baron and Baroness. 
> The members of this Order I can think of off
> the top of my head are HL
> Desree DuPre of Dragonsfire Tor and Master
> Phillip White
> In Service
> Darius

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