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Some baronies do have them and some don't. Bryn Gwlad has the Martlet for
combat and Steppes has the Grice for service to the fighting community (I
I'm not a herald, nor do I claim to be one:)

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While I was reading about the Baronial awards on the new website (which
looks great, I might add), I noticed that there are no Baronial awards for
fighting or for the arts, only for service.  I found this to be most
curious, as the Kingdom from whence I came had awards for all three on the
Baronial, Shire, and Canton levels.  Is there anyone who can speak to this?
Is this a Kingdom-wide thing, or just local?  In my experience, I have found
that recognition at a local level can do much to inspire the populace to
further their knowledge and practice of the arts, be they martial or
M. Caterina


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