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While I am digging through my files also have the constitution for the Azure Keystone. This was During Galen and Allesandra's term as our Baron and Baroness During this time the crown asked that All Baronies maintain a copy of their Service Orders constitution on file with Star Principal Herald. 

I was asked by the crown and the Principal herald at the time to facilitate this and I was privileged as a herald to have the opportunity to assist in writing a constitution for the service order of my home barony. 

This is what was penned to record for the Keystone. 


Order of the Azure Keystone of Elfsea

I.                    Establishment of the Award

1.       There shall exist in Ansteorra an Order which the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea with consent of the Crown shall give to persons who have served the Barony of Elfsea well and faithfully, above and beyond that normally expected of subjects of the Barony, and who have consistently displayed respect for the laws of the kingdom of Ansteorra


2.       This Order Shall be known as the Order of the Azure Keystone of Elfsea and shall herein after be refered to as the Order


3.       Have consistently displayed an understanding and respect for the traditions, laws, and customs of Ansteorra and the SCA.


4.       Holders of the Award shall be entitled to be styled and announced in procession as, "Companion to the Order of the Azure Keystone of Elfsea."


II.                  Arms and Precedence

A.      The Order shall carry with it, at the pleasure of the Crown, an Award of Arms. Holders of the Award shall take precedence equal to the Companions of the various baronial Orders


B.      If the Order is given to a person who is already higher in precedence that stated above, then his/her precedence shall remain unchanged.


C.       If the Order is given to a person who does not hold an Award of Arms or higher precedence, then his/her precedence shall date from his/her acceptance of the Award.


III.                Bestowal of the Award

A.      The selection of a Companion of the Order shall be announced publicly by the Baron and Baroness at the discretion of the crown in Open Court


B.       Persons being given this Award must be present to receive the Award.


C.       Selection of new members of the Order shall be the providence of the Baron and Baroness of Elfsea. The Baron and Baroness may at their leisure consult with members of the Order concerning Candidates


IV.                Holders of the Award

A.      The number of Awards given shall not be limited either in number of holders of the Award


B.       Holders of the Award shall retain their Award despite any change in residence.


V.                  Insignia

A.      The badge of the Award shall be, "[Fieldless] on a Keystone embattled along it's upper edge Azure, two barlettes wavey Or"


B.       Holders of the Award shall be entitled to wear a medallion or pin depicting the badge of the Award 
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