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I promised to send several items to our Virtual Scribe, Lord Daniel, a few
days ago, but my head was foggy that morning and I got distracted. :-(
But as it's a current topic and I think many folks might be interested, I'm
sending the Charter of the Arthurian Company via the list. :-)  I will send
the charter for the baronial guard as soon as I can dig it up. I found the
Arthurian Charter from old files I found from my time as VScribe. In fact
the old site is still semi-accessible. A photo of the one of the older
Arthurian Company is online at: http://www.elfsea.org/artco.htm
I invite Lord Daniel to grab copies of anything useful from that old site.

Charter of the Arthurian Company

We, Llywelyn and Zara Zina, Baron and Baroness of Elfsea, having been
charged by Their Majesties Ansteorra with both the safe keeping of their
Barony of Elfsea and the provision of troops for Ansteorra's defense, do by
this our charter establish within the baronial levy an elite company of
warriors, to be known as the Arthurian Company.  This Company, by virtue of
the training and dedication of its members and the wisdom of its leaders
shall become the most respected and feared fighting unit in Ansteorra and
the knowne world. 

All those who would join the Arthurian Company, having been found worthy by
the Commander, shall swear an oath to faithfully attend each muster of the
Company, to represent the Company with honor and chivalry at all times, to
maintain their weapons and equipment in readiness, and to attend the Gulf
Wars where we will instruct our friends from Trimaris in the ways of battle.
The Company shall be disbanded each year at Spring Faire, when a new
Commander will be appointed by the Baron and Baroness and oaths will be
taken for the coming year.

The Company is charged with learning all Ansteorran war tactics and
commands, preparing Kingdom and Baronial maneuvers for use in battle, and
teaching these tactics to others in our baronial levy.

This charter is made by our hands and seal on this the Seventh day of May,
Anno Societatis XXXIII, being Anno Domini 1998.

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