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Actually the first two were Mara of Rede and Reginlief Ragnarsdottir. I did Reginlief's Scroll and Stella did Mara's 

Llywellyn and Xene had me read the constitution in morning court and didn't give one untill evening court. It had the desired effect of building suspense of who would be the first to recieve the award. 

Though there is a standard text it was decided at the time to have original scrolls for the holders of the Grail befiting their persona's rather than producing a Charter Master.

I believe Stella recieved hers at Defender the same year.

I could be wrong but I was thinking that Baroness Dana also recieved one during Daniel and Siobans term. 

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  As I recall Mara and Stella received the first two. Then Xene, then Llywelyn and most recently (though quite a while back) was Raimond. Not to take away from Reginlief, but I'm not certain of one for her. Likewise, while fine fellows and arguably quite deserving, I do not believe Airaklee nor Galen ever received one. (I note that Galen just recently confirmed his status.)

  The topic has been brought to us on a couple of occasions, but we have never heard any actual names put forward for consideration.

  Baron Armand

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    Greetings your Excellency,  as far as I know there have only been five given out.  This has been an extremely rare award.  I got mine when Daniel and Siobhan stepped up as B&B. (under the tent, in the rain, at a Spring Faire, you know the one).  The five I know of are - Mistress Reginlief, Mistress Stella, Don Llywelyn, yourself (Mistress Xena), and HL Raimond (kind of in this order).  I always thought it was strange and yet I am honored to be a part of such a elite group.  However, I would not mind seeing others added to the list.  I may have to speak to the new B&B when they step up.

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      Off the top of my head, I want to say that they were given to Mistress Reginlief, Mistress Stella, Master Airiklee, Sir Galen, HL Raimond, Don Llywelyn and myself. The award is not closed, as far as I know.

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