[Elfsea] Azure Grail

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Tue Aug 28 18:59:31 PDT 2007

Hmmm.  Raimond got the fifth Grail.

Hey, Raimond, you'll appreciate this:  Do you know who the fifth Lion of
Ansteorra was?

Pepin de Moroni.

I guess one good fool deserves another.

- Galen

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> Greetings your Excellency,  as far as I know there have only been five
> given
> out.  This has been an extremely rare award.  I got mine when Daniel and
> Siobhan stepped up as B&B. (under the tent, in the rain, at a Spring
> Faire,
> you know the one).  The five I know of are - Mistress Reginlief, Mistress
> Stella, Don Llywelyn, yourself (Mistress Xena), and HL Raimond (kind of in
> this order).  I always thought it was strange and yet I am honored to be a
> part of such a elite group.  However, I would not mind seeing others added
> to the list.  I may have to speak to the new B&B when they step up.
> Raimond
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