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Thank you Darius, I knew you would know or know where to find it.  Believe
it or not, I was at the event when the premier Azure Grail was awarded to
Mistress Reginlief, but I just couldn’t remember what it was for exactly.  I
will add this info to my files that I keep forever.





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>>>>This is the constitution of the Grail as was read in court>>>>


Be it Known,
There Shall be created, in our Barony of Elfsea, an award to be known as the
Azure Grail of Elfsea. This shall be given to those gentles who display the
following virtues of grace and chivalry:

In Premis- Exeptional persona play
Item- Continuing research in history and Re-Creation of culture
Item- Inspiration and leadership of our Populace
Item- Continuing service to our Barony

This also shall bear the following insignea:

"(fieldless) A goblet Azure
carged with two bars wavy OR"

This is so done and created in our Barony of Elfsea this 10th day of
April in the Year of our Society XXXIII being 1999 AD

Llywellyn- Baron
Xene- Baroness

In Witness
Darius of the Bells, Nautilus Pursuivant

>>>>>>Here is the scroll text>>>>>>>

All shall know that we ____ and ____ in consideration of heroic

pursuit of the ideals of our society, as well as Leadership, Inspiration 

and Continuing Service to the Barony of Elfsea,

do confer upon ______________________  the Arthurian Grail of Elfsea. 

This is so done by our hand and seal on the __ day of __ in the year 

of our society       being            AD


                Baron                   Baroness


>>>>An Amusing Point>>>>>

the abbreviation we used for the Grail in the local OP was "AGE" 



In Service


(who saves all his old back up disks)


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May I use your first paragraph as a starting point for the introduction to
the Grail for the website?


We could have copies of our scroll text and also the charters for the
baronial guard, Centurions, Arthurian Company.


In service,

Daniel of Cameron



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