[Elfsea] OT Trinity River area problems?

Mark Wandrey falconsword at tx.rr.com
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NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard.

I want cleaner sources of energy, as long as you don't actually use them. 
CNG or LNG is 20% cleaner than normal gasoline and unlike crude oil, we not 
only have enough for all our own needs, but we have enough for more than two 



 - cleaness

Land access is considered one of the biggest barriers to obtaining larger 
reserves of natural gas, and thus severing the arab ubilical forever (at 
least until we all drive cold fusion fords).

The site says 2.5 acres of trees bite it for this well. Hmm. Drill it, clean 
up afterwards, plant neat new trees. Am I missing a step?

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> There was a full page ad in the FW Star-Telegram today, concerning an area
> sorta close to the Trinity River Park, where Sunday fighter practices will
> be held after Labor Day.  Apparently, chesapeake Energy Corp has bought 
> the
> land and is planning on putting gas wells on it.  Some people are 
> organizing
> in hopes of putting enough pressure on CEC to convince them to drill 
> further
> away from the old-growth trees.  I don't have enough data to really
> understand it all, but their website is www.trinitytrees.org  for anyone 
> who
> is interested in checking out what they have to say... just passing the 
> info
> along.  There are 2 events planned, on 9-3 a    picninc and on 9-6 a 
> public
> forum.   Rua
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