[Elfsea] OT Trinity River area problems?

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Wed Aug 29 17:03:19 PDT 2007

Somewhere there was mention of the trelessness needing to last the lifetime 
of the wells, approximately 50 years... have you ever been around a gas 
well... they are nasty and noxious... I guess this *is* a case of NIMBY, and 
I am thinking you don't agree, which is ok... I haven't actually taken sides 
yet, and was just passing on the info in case people wanted to find out 
about it, I am leaning toward not wanting it but am not ready to chain 
myself to any of the trees just yet ;P

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>NIMBY - Not In My Back Yard.
>I want cleaner sources of energy, as long as you don't actually use them.
>CNG or LNG is 20% cleaner than normal gasoline and unlike crude oil, we not
>only have enough for all our own needs, but we have enough for more than 
>  - cleaness
>Land access is considered one of the biggest barriers to obtaining larger
>reserves of natural gas, and thus severing the arab ubilical forever (at
>least until we all drive cold fusion fords).
>The site says 2.5 acres of trees bite it for this well. Hmm. Drill it, 
>up afterwards, plant neat new trees. Am I missing a step?
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>Subject: [Elfsea] OT Trinity River area problems?
> > There was a full page ad in the FW Star-Telegram today, concerning an 
> > sorta close to the Trinity River Park, where Sunday fighter practices 
> > be held after Labor Day.  Apparently, chesapeake Energy Corp has bought
> > the
> > land and is planning on putting gas wells on it.  Some people are
> > organizing
> > in hopes of putting enough pressure on CEC to convince them to drill
> > further
> > away from the old-growth trees.  I don't have enough data to really
> > understand it all, but their website is www.trinitytrees.org  for anyone
> > who
> > is interested in checking out what they have to say... just passing the
> > info
> > along.  There are 2 events planned, on 9-3 a    picninc and on 9-6 a
> > public
> > forum.   Rua
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