[Elfsea] Mara and the Grail (third time)

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Thank you, Innes about Mara.


Now for a recap (yep you've read most of this before):



Daniel of Cameron



Please see:




and note that I user the database from Lady Luciana
(http://www.geocities.com/elfsea_herald/elfseaOP.html).   As you can see
this table on the Grail webpage lists the following names:


Llywelyn Gruffydd of Elfsea 

Mara of Rede 

Raimond George de Mora 

Stella Silvana 

Xene Theriane


I will add:  


Reginlief Ragnarsdottir

Galen of Bristol

Airaklee Wolf

Mara of Rede



Please note, this list is in alphabetical order name order. Dates and places
were not included in the data file. If you happen to know the date and place
where you received your award, please email me and I'll update this list.


On the Centurion list http://www.elfsea.net/H_Centurions_List.aspx I had all
the data so I created a sorted by name list and a date list.  

(Well at least until someone wants to add a new name to the list and there's
no event and date. Then I guess I'll delete the second table.)


BTW: how do we update Lady Luciana info?


In Service,

Daniel of Cameron





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Yes,  Mara of Rede also has the Azure Grail.



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Xene wrote:
> Off the top of my head, I want to say that they were
> given to Mistress
> Reginlief, Mistress Stella, Master Airiklee, Sir
> Galen, HL Raimond, Don
> Llywelyn and myself. The award is not closed, as far
> as I know.
I think Mara of Rede may also be amongst that august
group. I cannot be sure, though...
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