[Elfsea] [DFT] Gothic and food

Ms Pict dftfeast at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 14:03:18 PDT 2007

Did not know about that. Sounds good.


>From: "Dragonetti" <dragonetti at generich.com>

>Greetings from the Benevolent Baron of Elfsea,
>As a reminder to those traveling to Gothic, please keep in mind that a
>hearty meal of sliced brisket w/ bbq sauce, ranch style beans and potato
>salad will be provided on Saturday evening. There will also be water,
>lemonade and while supplies last, shiner bock (for those 21 and older).
>We will be able to accommodate roughly 200 souls, so while we will give
>preference first to those who aid our cause, we, in our benevolence, will
>likely take pity on the vanquished and disillusioned too.
>In service to Ansteorra, I remain,
>Armand Dragonetti
>Baron of Elfsea
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