[Elfsea] To clear up Questions about Lammas Day Tribute

Amber Cook anistashiasaccents at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 1 15:05:59 PDT 2007

Drink Compitions   not Drinking Competitions
there are 3 catagories
Ale/ Beer
Mead / (cordials may go in this one as well)

Of those 3 I understand that concotion is the most misunderstood
By this we mean and drink make up of at least 2 alchohols and 3 liguids 
qualifies these will be judged on tastieness and potency

This is a contest that will be help in the Slumber Party Pavillion only 
after dark

There are 2 Bardic compitions
Firewalkers-This has no theam but entertain, everyone will be given tokens 
to give there favorate bard We will also have banners for those encampments 
that wish the bards competing to come preform for them ( to keep them away 
from people who dont like attack bards) At the end of the event (sun morn) a 
tally will be taken and our 1st of the fire walking bars will be declaired

Outragious - Just what it implys do your strangest piece at the stage in 
Tile Road in from of your judges (time undesided as of yet)

I hope this clears up any questions or even brings up more Please feel free 
to ask me anything you would like to know more about

In a few days We will have a web site up and running for the event this will 
contain all our rules and more about all Activities for our event

Thank You for your time

I still need volenteers for anything

Anistashia Rudrefer

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