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Sun Jul 1 18:02:11 PDT 2007

Greetings Elfsea,
First, I wanted to say thank you to everyone who worked to make today's
fighter practice a more inclusive event this weekend. While the weather and
distance (and being at mundane work until 4 am the night before) kept me
away, I cannot speak to it's success, but I greatly appreciate the effort
that others put in to give it a good chance. I also wanted to say Thank You
to those who suffered the poor weather last Wednesday night to attend
fighter practice at my warehouse. And a bit overdue Thank You to His
Majesty, Lord Archibald and Lord Cuen Longtooth for helping me with the
Martial Arts Survival Camp 10 days ago out in Azle. I have been delighted by
the great enthusiasm from the Miscreants regarding the Lamas Day Tribute
which will likely be one of our last opportunities to preside as Baron and
Baroness of Elfsea. 
Part of my love of things "medieval" and appreciation of the SCA are the
occasional opportunities to escape the trappings and tedium of the modern
world. Recently, however, I have observed many criticisms and frustrations
and it reminds me of our modern world media which generally focuses on
negative stories. When only negative gets reported and the positive things,
small courtesies, helping hands, enthusiastic new comers, etc, go unreported
it is easy to imagine they are missing. Is this true? Can anyone offer up a
positive experience in recent memory? I would love to hear of something
positive, large or small, regarding Elfsea, that you would care to share.
Anxiously awaiting a multitude of responses....
HE Armand Dragonetti
Lord Elfsea
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