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Lisa Wolfe hlarabella at gmail.com
Sun Jul 1 18:55:58 PDT 2007

Arabella here and my responses are below....Thank you for responding so
quickly, this is a serious issue.

> Thank you so much for your concerns, but as Master Caelin stated, this is
> a "Drink Contest".

Dictionary .com lists drink as:
*drink*      <https://secure.reference.com/premium/login.html?rd=2&u=http%3A%2F%2Fdictionary.reference.com%2Fbrowse%2Fdrink>
v.   *drank* (drāngk), *drunk* (drŭngk), *drink·ing*, *drinks*

v.   *tr.*

   1. To take into the mouth and swallow.
   2. To swallow the liquid contents of (a vessel):
   3. To bring to a specific state by drinking alcoholic liquors*.*


   1. A liquid that is fit for drinking; a beverage.
   2. An amount of liquid swallowed:
   3. An alcoholic beverage, such as a cocktail or highball.
   4. Excessive or habitual indulgence in alcoholic liquor.

*con·test*    <https://secure.reference.com/premium/login.html?rd=2&u=http%3A%2F%2Fdictionary.reference.com%2Fbrowse%2Fcontest>
  (kŏn'těst')  n.

   1. A struggle for superiority or victory between rivals.
   2. A competition, especially one in which entrants perform separately
   and are rated by judges.

Both of the definitions of these words indicate an action to be taken "with
the possibility of the public doing it."

No where in the Ad itself does it list anything else.
This is the IMPLICATION that is at issue.  The exact same situation came up
at 25th Year and the ad for Namron's Tavern.

 That means that this is a *competition* for brewer, vintners, and others
> who mix alcohol into fine tasting concoctions (hopefully).

But the advertisement doesn't state that.

 This is certainly not a DRINKING contest,

But the advertisement doesn't state that.

 or public distribution of alcohol.

But the advertisement doesn't state that.  That would be very sad if the
participants/public of the event can't drink what is being offered. Then
what is the purpose?

>  Announcing a competition is clearly within the charter of the SCA. The
> only individuals who will be partaking will be the judges and you can be
> rest assured that they will be over 21.

Yes that is also true, but the advertisement doesn't state that.

> We have not stated that we are using SCA funds to purchase, serve, etc.
> alcohol or alcoholic drinks. We may organize parties, feasts, or other
> activities where the members may bring the drinks of their choice whether
> alcoholic or not within the particular site rules. That is not prohibited.

You are also correct, but by simply putting it in the advertisement for the
event, calling it a "drink contest" that has many implications, with no
other information.  Further is the IMPLICATION that the barony is providing
the drinks.  If I can mis-understand it, and I've been playing a long
time, than so can someone else.

>  Also please notice in the announcement, we are not advertising that we
> are going to be drinking to excess at any part of a scheduled event,

But the announcement does imply that, simply by the definition of the words
themselves and the listing of the categories.  It is a very short step from
"drink contest" to drinking contest without further information.

 but mentioning we are having a party (and this has nothing to do with the
> Drink Contest) and that adults (as in over 21) may bring whatever they wish
> since this is a wet site.

No where in the ad does it mention whether it is a wet site, only the fees
and the directions. I'm all for parties as I said previously.

 We will provide additional information on the forth coming announcements
> which will alleviate these misunderstandings.

I'm glad of this, I would hate for this to go uncorrected.


> Should you have any additional concerns, please feel free to contact the
> Autocrat or myself as Keystone Advisor privately and we will be happy to
> answer your questions.
> Ascelyn of Glentewrde
>  Please, as a Keystone, take a bit more accommodating view of this
> autocrat's first attempt at putting an event together. Encourage and counsel
> instead of criticizing. And, yes, I should have said this privately to you,
> but your message was public and deserves a public response.
> Caelin on Andrede
> *************
> Caelin it's only* *criticizable if my observations have no results. I
don't care whether it's private to me or not, I have nothing to loose here,
but Elfsea does.

AS a Keystone of Elfsea it is my responsibility to voice my concern when
there is a possibility of the Barony in which I live to suffer sanctions,
embarrassment, raised eyebrows, or any other potentially damaging actions.
It is my duty as a member of the society to know and follow the rules of the
Society in which we play.

If the stewards, Anistashia Rudrefer, Xue Xian-Xian, Yagyu Masamori
Nobunaga, of our upcoming event are in any way offended, then it my utmost
and sincere desire to apologize, as that was not my intention.  They would
have not had the opportunity to deal with this issue before,   BUT I HAVE
,  and it's possible ramifications.

This issue has the potential to be very damaging and I do not wish anyone in
Elfsea to suffer because of it.

I sent a private message to the individuals to whom it was necessary to send
it to.

Arabella de Montacute
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