[Elfsea] brew competitions in event ads

Maria Cabesa de Vaca casa_de_vaca at sbcglobal.net
Sun Jul 1 20:00:46 PDT 2007

Actually, Aislyn, when I read this advertisement, Phelippe and I both 
thought very much the same thing.  I was going to write pretty much the 
same thing, but Arabella beat me to it.

I think what Arabella is saying that the wording needs to be reworded 
and that is all.  When you list a contest as a Drink Contest, it 
seriously implies that it is a drinking contest as in let's see who can 
drink the other under the table first contest...like playing quarters.  
The advertisement should be listed as a "Brewing Competition".....not a 
"Drink Contest"...see the difference? I certainly do and others will 
too.  Brewing competitions in the past have always been open to all 
alcoholic concoctions whether they were actually brewed, stewed, boiled 
or even microwaved (ok that's going way out in a limb, but you get the 

When wording event advertisements, we all need to remember not everyone 
reads every word of an event advertisement and it needs to be worded 
clearly and precisely.  The advertisement does not state that the 
brewing competition has nothing to do with the party in itself and it 
could very well be assumed that the "Drink Contest" does indeed go hand 
in hand with the party.

Both Phelippe and myself believe that unless you reword the 
advertisement there could be much eyebrow raising and even Elfsea 
getting into trouble, in itself.

In Service,


Aislyn of Glynwyrd Fen wrote:
> Arabella,
> Thank you so much for your concerns, but as Master Caelin stated, this 
> is a "Drink Contest". That means that this is a _competition_ for 
> brewer, vintners, and others who mix alcohol into fine tasting 
> concoctions (hopefully). This is certainly not a DRINKING contest, or 
> public distribution of alcohol. Announcing a competition is clearly 
> within the charter of the SCA. The only individuals who will be 
> partaking will be the judges and you can be rest assured that they 
> will be over 21.
> We have not stated that we are using SCA funds to purchase, serve, 
> etc. alcohol or alcoholic drinks. We may organize parties, feasts, or 
> other activities where the members may bring the drinks of their 
> choice whether alcoholic or not within the particular site rules. That 
> is not prohibited.
> Also please notice in the announcement, we are not advertising that we 
> are going to be drinking to excess at any part of a scheduled event, 
> but mentioning we are having a party (and this has nothing to do with 
> the Drink Contest) and that adults (as in over 21) may bring whatever 
> they wish since this is a wet site. We will provide additional 
> information on the forth coming announcements which will alleviate 
> these misunderstandings.
> Should you have any additional concerns, please feel free to contact 
> the Autocrat or myself as Keystone Advisor privately and we will be 
> happy to answer your questions.
> Ascelyn of Glentewrde

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