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Fri Jul 6 07:09:37 PDT 2007

Greetings to the People of the Twin Baronies!

Lazy Dragon is almost upon us, and we need fighters, LOTS of fighters! Lost
of light fighters, especially. So, if you're not planning to go to Westgate
or Pennsic, come and join us! Hang out with your friends, stick them with
swords, then party afterwards, all to support recruitment for all our local

This is a local convention, with local mundanes more than willing to talk to
us, and maybe even decide to come back! Hospitalers, come and talk to the
people! Heralds, come and explain to the people what's going on (we tend to
ignore this part since we already know). Minstrels, dancers, come and play!

Pre-registration ends this weekend. I'm still accepting Paypal registration
through Sunday. $16 each, or $35 at the door. Don't pay door price, pre-reg,
it's two for one! My paypal account is chrisbfisher at gmail.com.

Come, play, fight and find new friends!

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