[Elfsea] Fighter Practice - Wonderful Turnout

Mark Wandrey falconsword at tx.rr.com
Sun Jul 8 20:07:43 PDT 2007

It was a wonderful meeting. 

Jorunn and I want to thank everyone again for making us feel so welcome. Elfsea is what I've always looked for in the SCA. Real people, real friends.

And a special thanks for Crandel, your naming gift was most appreciated, as was the advise. Wasail, my brother!

I will be solo next week because Jorunn and Ottar must go out of town so I'm really hoping some heavy fighters with loaner gear show up to help teach ignorant me.

Iorek Bjornson
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  We had a wonderful fighter practice today.  It was cool and quite comfortable.  We had about 25 people come by today.  Many brought food or drink with them and current projects.  I know that I saw weaving, knitting, spinning, sewing, leatherwork, and how to put armor together.  

  There were many fighters that showed up.  The rapier field saw the most action.  However, to our dismay, there were not any heavy fighters fighting.  We need heavy fighters to show up and teach our newcommers who want to learn (hint, hint, hint).

  Please put it on your calendar for next Sunday to come out to fighter practice.  Dinner in the park, fighting, A&S, and socializing will be on the agenda.

  Until then,


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