[Elfsea] Bardic night canceled

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Mon Jul 9 19:15:03 PDT 2007

We are the little folk we, and we ask; 
Do you like hearing Kipling, or is it kippers and

Or shall you come from Cross Plains and Peaster,
TX and tell stories of Solomon Kane? 

Solomon Kane stood forth alone,
grim man of sober face:
"Worthy of death he may well be,
but the trial ye held was mockery,
"Ye hid your spite in a travesty
where justice hid her face.

More of the man had ye been, on deck
Your sword to cleanly draw
"In forthright fury from its sheath
and openly cleave him to the teeth-
"Rather than slink and hide beneath
a hollow word of the law."

--- Darius <masterdarius at earthlink.net> wrote:

> OK now that we have made it back from Elanor's
> house Yes this message really 
> was from us though dictated over the phone to a
> very frazeled friend of our 
> daughter. .. sorry for the poor spelling.
> Bardic guild will be held next 
> month at our house on the _first_ Monday of the
> Month.
> We will be exploring places to find material
> for both period pieces (did I 
> hear "Decameron"...) and period sounding pieces
> (hellooo Kipling)
> See everybody next month!
> Darius

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