[Elfsea] Bardic night canceled

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My Son, said the Norman baron, I am dying and you will be heir
to all the brave verse of the Avon, William left and bade us share
and when the skald called down from the fjiords, A breif little saga to tell
I think he called it Heimskringla, 'for the end we said what the ....

(with appologies to Rudyard)

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> We are the little folk we, and we ask;
> Do you like hearing Kipling, or is it kippers and
> herring?
> Or shall you come from Cross Plains and Peaster,
> TX and tell stories of Solomon Kane?
> Solomon Kane stood forth alone,
> grim man of sober face:
> "Worthy of death he may well be,
> but the trial ye held was mockery,
> "Ye hid your spite in a travesty
> where justice hid her face.
> More of the man had ye been, on deck
> Your sword to cleanly draw
> "In forthright fury from its sheath
> and openly cleave him to the teeth-
> "Rather than slink and hide beneath
> a hollow word of the law."

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