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I have not heard lutes beckon me, nor the brazen
bugles call,
But once in the din of a haunted lea I heard the
silence fall.
I have not heard the regal drum, nor seen the
flag unfurled,
But I have watched the dragons come, fire-eyed,
across the world....
And I have felt the sudden blow of a nameless
wind's cold breath,
And watched the grisly pilgrims go that walk the
roads of Death,
And I have seen black valleys gape, abysses in
the gloom,
And I have fought the deathless Ape that guards
the Doors of Doom.
I have not seen the face of Pan, nor mocked the
dryad's haste,
But I have trailed a dark-eyed Man across a windy
I have not died as men may die, nor sin as men
have sinned,
But I have reached a misty sky upon a granite

And we can follow that with the short tale of
Sigimund and the Dragon's Hoard, and how Gunnar
dealt life and death. 

--- Darius <masterdarius at earthlink.net> wrote:

> My Son, said the Norman baron, I am dying and
> you will be heir
> to all the brave verse of the Avon, William
> left and bade us share
> and when the skald called down from the
> fjiords, A breif little saga to tell
> I think he called it Heimskringla, 'for the end
> we said what the ....
> Darius
> (with appologies to Rudyard)

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