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Another on e to bring a tear to the eye of Ansteorrans

Farewell to Ansteorra

                 Music - Farewell to Nova Scotia
                 Words - Alaric ap Morgan

         | Farewell to Ansteorra, that sun-blessed land!    |
         | Let your hamlets bright and cheery be!           |
         | When I am far away, over mighty mountains tall,  |
         | Will you ever heave a sigh or a wish for me.     |

         I hate to leave my native home,
         I loathe to leave my comrades all.
         But I must hie away over hill and plain,
         For my captain calls, and I must obey.


         My own true love did bid me stay,
         She would not part our company,
         But honour calls "To horse and away!"
         For no slight shall mar our Kingdom free.


         Red war does cry on every side
         Our swords are broken, bent or dulled
         But Ansteorra stands as a shield in the sun,
         And Honour and Glory shall e'er be our pride.


         (Slowly)  I lay me down this night to die
                   My wounds are grievous, I've greatly bled,
                   But Ansteorra's life means more than mine,
                   For Love and Beauty must ne'er wash away.

         CHORUS (slowly and wistfully)

         (Optional,  CHORUS, with excitement! )

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>It is difficult to sing as it makes me cry. 
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>> This one sends shivers up my spine!
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