[Elfsea] Volenteering for Lammas day

Amber Cook anistashiasaccents at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 15 19:29:23 PDT 2007

I am looking for help at our Lamas Day Tribute
August 17-19

If you are willing to help please just let me know were
Name Phone # and e-mail please

Thank you for helping us Dream alittle easier

Chirurgeon is being coordinated by Ethnie the healer of FalconRose
If you wish to volunteer for help w/ the Chirurgeon please feel free to sign 
up here or let her know

____________________________            __________________________________

____________________________            __________________________________

We need 4-6 chivalric marshales 2-3 for Snowball Melee and 2-3 for the 
tourch light tourney
Snowball (aprox 10am)                 Tourchlight circle of death (aprox 

__Richard DeLaufyson___________             

________________________________           _____ Richard 

________________________________           ________________________________
4-6 Rapier marshals
Snowball  (aprox 10am)                             Tourchlight COD

____Alaric(?)__________________           _______________________________

______Diago____________________           _______________________________

___Uilliacc____________________           _______________________________

Troll is always important but since we have a nice site that closes its 
gates after 10 we dont need as many people to do it as usual We will be 
closing gate at 10pm Friday and wont open again untill 8am
if I could get 2 people per time slot it would be wonderful I have them 
broken down into easy to handle 2 hr shifts

Fri 4-6 ___________________________             

Fri 6 8__ Uilliacc ________________           

Fri 8-10____Ascelyn________________            ________Ferghus_____________

Sat 8a-10a___ Catrina_________________      


Sat 10-12___________________________        

Sat 12- 2___________________________        

We can not forget helpers for our water bearer

___Catrin ferch Maelgwn_______________               



Set up and tear down are essential to creating the dream We will need lots 
of help making our dream a reality when it comes to setting up and tearing 
down pavilions and banners
____Catrin ferch Maelgwn___________                _Aradon of 




We will be having a silent auction for some of our newest people I would 
like as many donations of stuff as we can get I would also like to have a 
few people willing to help

_______________________________           _________________________________

______________________________            _________________________________

Sat Night we are having a slumber party that will be 21 and up Would anyone 
mind keeping an eye on the door?

_______________________________           _______________________________

Also if anyone is interested in throwing a 16-20 Slumberparty I can make 
shure you have the space just let me know

We have alot of Fun stuff planned threw the day Saturday for each of these I 
would like to have 3-4 people as each activity will be for both adult and 

Foot Races
____________________________         __________________________

____________________________         ____________________________

Noodle Joust
_________Adelaide Geiger_____         ___________________________

____________________________          ____________________________

Hobby horse races
__________________________          ____________________________

___________________________          _____________________________

Hopefully we will have enough fine people to help out that every one only 
works for 1-2 hrs and we can all have more fun
Thank you in advance for sighing up to help us it is greatly appreciated
(And if you sign up now you get a personalized thank you from me)

Anistashia Rudrefer 817 505 8999 cell   817 277 6107  home  or email me

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