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Your Excellencies, my Lord's and Ladies,
  After many years abroad, finally settling in Caid and serving his Excellency Master Malcolm Alberic, Baron of Dreiburgen I have returned to find the Shire I helped form has grown to a Barony.  You cannot imagine the pride I feel for the Nobles and populace of Elf Sea to see what you have done with what I had a small part in starting.  Huzzah!
  After the loss of my leg I no longer focused on battle but on the healing arts and although I serve on my Lord's Guard I fear at my age and condition it is but a ceremonial post given to an aging war horse out of respect of a life time of service.
  But it is the healing arts I learned in the east that I now offer to my brethren of Elf Sea.  Along with leach-craft known to all our respected Chirurgeonate I have learned what the ancient Greeks call masso and from the Arab's mass, meaning to press, squeeze or knead.
  I plan along with another healer trained as I to share our healing touch at events we attend.  The first of which I will be attending is this Saturday as has already been mentioned.  We will also be attending Fighter Practice this Sunday.  
  If you wish to partake of our skills there is no charge at these events.  Dress appropriately that you may strip down to the waist and expose the leg up to the buttocks if wished.  We will have a drape with which to cover you and endeavor not to expose your nethers to others.  Please bring a towel with which to rub off any excess oil at the end and if you have a favorite oil bring it for your personal use.
  In service to HE Master Malcolm Alberic, Baron of Dreiburgen
  and the dream
  Hjalmar called Jårnleggr

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