[Elfsea] But we never expected......

Vicki Marsh vmarsh at twmarsh.net
Sat Jul 21 12:13:00 PDT 2007

Let's see

Bryn Gwlad:
Vargskol and Seanna - Founders
Don Robert Simon Fraser and Beth (?)
Don Robbie by himself (post divorce)
Johann and Erika
Don Jeremy and Katherine
Don Jeremy by himself (post divorce -- see a pattern?)
Don Jeremy and Countess Bunny (I can see her, but the name is escaping me)
 - I was in on this polling for a baroness, nominated and willing, but not
 - also the last time I ever saw the results of a polling published in a
newsletter. I preferred it that way and still do. 

Maggie and Duke Seamus (from Vicaress and Vicar to B & B's a year or so
before I moved here)
Llywelyn and myself
Galen and Allesandre
Daniel and Siobhan (now Zoe)
Armand and Ameline - Vicar and Vicaress
Armand and Ameline to B & B

Fritz and Katrin
	These past two were while Llywelyn and I were B & B of Elfsea, so
the changes of of neighboring Barony greatly effected us.
 - We stepped down and moved to Steppes in 2000.
Mahdi and Valeria
Miguel and Conal - Vicar and Vicaress
Mahdi and Valeria

Either 14 or 19 depending on how you count them.
Llywelyn says "It ain't my first rodeo".....

We are both pleased by the range and depth of experience that all the
candidates have and are proud to call everyone of the candidates friends.
They all have strengths - they all have weaknesses. Like a real family, it
is our sincere hope that all goes well. Bless you all, and when the change
occurs, please remember to thank the outgoing Lord and Lady Elfsea. Their's
have been a labor of love. 

Xene and Llywelyn


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