[Elfsea] sick dragon need ride

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I'll give you call here is a minute and we will work something out.

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Subject: [Elfsea] sick dragon need ride
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Hello my dragon just got sick on the way back from out pavilion cleaning
party. Tristan and I would like to know if anyone out there knows anything
about old Issuzu dragons? We are willing to pay but figured we would ask
here first figure someone we know caould make the money for it my dragon is
spitting steem from the hood other than that I dont know what is going on We
fixed the heater core in Feb so its probly not that any ideas please let me

Also I can get to fighter practice Sunday but Tristan has an apointment at 6
Monday so I have no was to Moot if anyone is willing to pick me up it would
be greatly apreashiated I know there is no way my dragon will be better by

Thank you
817 277 6107


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