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Ni hoa!
  First, a word of invitation for your entertainment and then on to the business at hand:
  "Then come jesters, musicians and trained dwarfs,
And singing girls from the land of Ti-ti,
To delight the ear and eye
And bring mirth to the mind."
—Sima Xiangru (ca. 179-117 B.C.), Rhapsody on the Shanglin Park
  I’m honored to announce that the very first Miscreant hosted Firewalker’s competition 
  will be finally taking place at the Lammas Festival in August.  For a long time there have 
  been many competitions to find many talented bards, but now we ask you to test your 
  mettle to find out if you have what it takes to be a Fiewalker!                                                     
  What is a Firewalker, you ask?  
  Those who are called to entertain the populace day in and day out need apply.  If you can 
  entertain in any way, then you can be a Firewalker.  This includes dancers, jokesters, 
  bards, drummers, and just about anything that can bring a smile (or tear) to the faces of 
  the people!
  The contest begins as soon as you arrive on site.  When you stop by Troll, simply state 
  your intent to compete in the Firewalker’s Competition, and you will be given a fire 
  token.  All people entering the site will be given tokens which they will use to vote for 
  people who entertain them.  There will be extra tokens floating about so keep on your 
  toes and do your best to entertain as much as you can.  Tile Road, the List, and Baronial 
  Pavilions might be excellent places to work your magic but we suggest you get out there 
  and move amongst the people as much as possible.  All tokens will be gathered at 9am, 
  Sunday morning, where they will be counted and the first official Firewalker will be 
  chosen and gifted the first Firewalker Lantern; to guide their way amongst the campsites 
  and out into the lands.
  ((Once we have named a few Firewalkers, there will be a special Firewalkers ONLY
   Competition where we will award the victor with the hooked staff of the ‘Prince of the
   Firewalkes as well as bragging rights for a whole year!  So bring out everything you 
  have each time and you could be that Prince.  –This is not an official position!--))
  What is this Lammas Festival?
  Just hop on over to our website and see for yourselves!

  Quan xin quan yi. 
  (Entire heart, entire mind.),
  You Xue Xianxian

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