[Elfsea] But we never expected......

Chris Harper bice at backroadsoftexas.com
Sat Jul 21 16:08:36 PDT 2007

Thank you for posting this.  I was sitting here counting on my fingers and
kept getting 6.  I began to doubt myself (again).  The only one you
missed was Baron Elfsea, Arthur; I started playing between the time his 
Lady stepped down as Baroness Elfsea and when he stepped down at Inman's
last coronation.  That means I have a unique history of serving under 6
Barons and 5 Baronesses.  Not easy in a Barony that had 6 of each sitting in


Let's see

Maggie and Duke Seamus (from Vicaress and Vicar to B & B's a year or so
before I moved here)
Llywelyn and myself
Galen and Allesandre
Daniel and Siobhan (now Zoe)
Armand and Ameline - Vicar and Vicaress
Armand and Ameline to B & B

Xene and Llywelyn


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