[Elfsea] But we never expected......

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That's the first time I've heard TX 360 referred to as "The Great

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Me, me...frantically raising track ball (hey, does a track ball
count???) in
the air!!


Crandall babbled:

the Spanish Acquisition.

or was that the Norse?

Ok, everybody who has survived five or more
Baronial change overs raise your mouses. Mooses?

Ok, I cheated as I have lived in three Baronies.
However Stargate did not have one while I was
there, and Bjornsborg only had one.

Everybody is good, everybody is bad, they will
not let me do things I want to do, they, they,


Take me for an example. In fact I am used as an
example for scaring small children at night and
how not to behave. Armand realized that and gave
me the Oyster Irritant, and honor that I shall be
wearing on my Baronial Coronet, once I figure out
how to mount it. I probably will just tie a pearl
in place.
I play by the rules when it comes to safety and
helping people. I get it done otherwise.
It was once said that Stella and I made a great
team to go fix stuff. Stella was there for
propriety and courtesy, and I was there for when
diplomacy failed.

Write your Crown, vent to friends, put in your
polling and cheer when we hear that "the one" did
not get it.
They cannot break it if we do not let them.
And Steppes is right across the Great Divide.

Crandall, Olde Phart

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