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Wed Jul 25 18:53:08 PDT 2007

As you are admitting to being Bjorn's son and
knowing Bjorn from way back, your questions are
not stupid. At least compared to Bjorn. 

1. There is no requirement as to materials. Nor
is it in the rules that it survive combat. 
I would recommend that it survive for that is a
lot of work to have destroyed so quickly. 
The rules (simplified) require that it not have
projections, and that it not damage weapons that
hit it.

2. No

Crandall, Olde Phart 

--- Mark Wandrey <falconsword at tx.rr.com> wrote:

> I have a couple questions for our marshall or
> anyone familiar enough with 
> the kingdom rules to answer authoratatively.
> 1) What is the minimum shield material
> requirement. I spoke with Crandal who 
> verified there is no size minimum, but what
> must it made of? I know it has 
> to be sturdy enough to survive contact, but can
> it be thinish hardwoo, or 
> something comperable?
> 2) Does our kingdom require multiple
> authorizations to fight? Sword & 
> Shield. Great Short. Mace and Shield.
> Florentine  <sp>. etc. When I was in 
> An Tir it was one test, you're done. But in
> Midrealm it was muliple 
> authorizations.
> Sorry if the questions are stupid, what do you
> expect from a 1400 year ol 
> Norseman?
> Iorek Bjornson 

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