[Elfsea] Sorry to ask

Amber Cook anistashiasaccents at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 25 20:48:12 PDT 2007

I feel as if all Ive ben doing lately is asking for help with Lammas and now 
my dragon but here I go again

My dragon needs to go to a forin doctor I thought that maybe somone who 
reads this might know of a reasonabley priced trust worthy doc of foren 
the things I need to fix are as fallows

Basic tune up -
raidiator leak needs to be found and fixed
transmition is sluggish

I figure comming here I would have better chances of finding somone to do 
the work that wont jip me at least better luck than the yellow pages will 
give me

Thank you all for any help and I am sorry to keep asking for stuff  
hopefully I will be able to help enough to compensate



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