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Brandon McDermott brandonsmcd at yahoo.com
Wed Jul 25 21:28:54 PDT 2007

There are no stupid questions.....( Crandal be quiet :-) ) there are separate auth. for fiberglass spear , siege, and bow but those are all I can think of. I personally would not pass any shield less than 1/4inc, but would prefer at least 3/8 in. Also if you are using wood make sure to reinforce the edge with something...rawhide, aluminum tract etc... 
  Lord Lochlan Dunn
Knight Marshal Elfsea

Mark Wandrey <falconsword at tx.rr.com> wrote:
  I have a couple questions for our marshall or anyone familiar enough with 
the kingdom rules to answer authoratatively.

1) What is the minimum shield material requirement. I spoke with Crandal who 
verified there is no size minimum, but what must it made of? I know it has 
to be sturdy enough to survive contact, but can it be thinish hardwoo, or 
something comperable?
2) Does our kingdom require multiple authorizations to fight? Sword & 
Shield. Great Short. Mace and Shield. Florentine . etc. When I was in 
An Tir it was one test, you're done. But in Midrealm it was muliple 

Sorry if the questions are stupid, what do you expect from a 1400 year ol 

Iorek Bjornson 

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