[Elfsea] Steppes Artisan XX - Results

Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 29 09:07:47 PDT 2007


The displays at Steeps were Amazing!  
  Crandall's photos can only give you a taste of all
the beautiful art produced in the Kingdom. 

But I'm sure everyone wants to know what happened...

Baroness Isabeau of Stargate is the newest Steppes
Artisan. VIVAT!  
 In addition, she is the newest Laurel candidate and
will be elevate at Stargate's Yule event.

Artisan Favorite - Home area - Primary art displayed:
Countess Regina - Steppes / Elfsea  - Cooking 
Debora of Durham - (?) - Period Games
Thomas atte Woode - Stargate (?) - Wood carving
Eline the Timid - Steppes - Costuming
Lyonette van Leyden - Elfsea - Printing
Cranelle McDonnal - Loch Ruadh - Bone carving
Brangwyne verch Gryffyd - Steppes - Weaving, spinning,
and cooking

Baroness Favorite:
Clairianda - Bonwicke - C&I

Clan Favorite:
Daire de Hoya - Elfsea - Leather Shoes
Stephanie Lilburn - Steppes (?) - Wood carving

For all the Favorites, VIVAT!
For all who Displayed, VIVAT!

  I apologize if I missed anyone or have the wrong
home group assigned.

In Service to the Arts,
 Lady Hanna von Dahl
 Elfsea MoAS
 Glaslyn Keeper of the Flames

PS. For all those who were inspired by the displays at
Steppes, Glaslyn Artisan is coming soon.  The novice
competition is a perfect time to display for the first
time. Or display a body of work for a chance to become
the next Artisan or Keeper of the Flames.

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