[Elfsea] Steppes Artisan XX - Results

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Vivat to all the artisans!  Lady Mairi Beswicke, called Rua

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>Subject: [Elfsea] Steppes Artisan XX - Results
>Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 09:07:47 -0700 (PDT)
>The displays at Steeps were Amazing!
>   Crandall's photos can only give you a taste of all
>the beautiful art produced in the Kingdom.
>But I'm sure everyone wants to know what happened...
>Baroness Isabeau of Stargate is the newest Steppes
>Artisan. VIVAT!
>  In addition, she is the newest Laurel candidate and
>will be elevate at Stargate's Yule event.
>Artisan Favorite - Home area - Primary art displayed:
>Countess Regina - Steppes / Elfsea  - Cooking
>Debora of Durham - (?) - Period Games
>Thomas atte Woode - Stargate (?) - Wood carving
>Eline the Timid - Steppes - Costuming
>Lyonette van Leyden - Elfsea - Printing
>Cranelle McDonnal - Loch Ruadh - Bone carving
>Brangwyne verch Gryffyd - Steppes - Weaving, spinning,
>and cooking
>Baroness Favorite:
>Clairianda - Bonwicke - C&I
>Clan Favorite:
>Daire de Hoya - Elfsea - Leather Shoes
>Stephanie Lilburn - Steppes (?) - Wood carving
>For all the Favorites, VIVAT!
>For all who Displayed, VIVAT!
>   I apologize if I missed anyone or have the wrong
>home group assigned.
>In Service to the Arts,
>  Lady Hanna von Dahl
>  Elfsea MoAS
>  Glaslyn Keeper of the Flames
>PS. For all those who were inspired by the displays at
>Steppes, Glaslyn Artisan is coming soon.  The novice
>competition is a perfect time to display for the first
>time. Or display a body of work for a chance to become
>the next Artisan or Keeper of the Flames.
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