[Elfsea] August 4th cookout

pcrandal at sbcglobal.net pcrandal at sbcglobal.net
Mon Jul 30 17:52:52 PDT 2007

You have three grills as I recall. And a fire pit
made from a big wok. 
And grilling keeps the electric bill down. 
So by participating in the traditional burning of
meat you are doing a green thing for the world. 
Atta Boy? 

We have a day, do we have a time? 
I am bringing stuff. No one else may bring stuff
as that will mean there is too much stuff. And my
stuff I am bringing is better than other stuff. 
Who is bringing what, things, foods and snacks? 
(For the semi literate that is four more people's
It will not rain, as I have my sunshade back. 

Crandall, who grills all the time to keep the A/C
in check. I even smoked some green beans. made me
cough a lot, and they would not stay lit. 

--- Darius <masterdarius at earthlink.net> wrote:

> When: Saturday August 4th (next weekend)
> What: The ritual searing of meat and feasting
> just because we can
> Where: Darius and Rosalia's place (809 N Bowen
> Arlington TX 76012)
> Who: Every one! come on over!
> Why: Why not? It's a weekend when we aren't
> predicted to have rain and I have a grill!!
> Darius
> Grilling junky in withdrawal> 

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