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Mon Jul 30 18:24:34 PDT 2007

Greetings unto the Populace,

It is with a grateful sigh of relief that I can say Steppes Artisan XX is
 Actually I very much enjoyed being the Event Steward, and I cannot even
begin to express my thanks to all those who made the event what it was.

First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the artisans who
participated in the event. I am relieved I was not one of the judges, as I
would have had a very difficult time in deciding who to give the awards
to...you all do magnificent work, and I look forward to seeing more of it in
the years to come. I also wish to express my thanks to you for your patience
during set up when we were delayed due to the  truck which was bringing our
equipment to the site broke down.

Thank you to Jane and Hutto for participating in the children's competition.
I have had many people tell me that your work has inspired them to have
their children participate in future events.

To all the Laurels and Artisans who made a point of  taking a look at the
children's work, leaving them small gifts and encouraging them to continue
in their efforts...my heartfelt thank yous.

To our past artisans, for acting as judges...again I thank you.

My wonderful event staff:

HL Margarite McBridin, Sir Morgan, Lady Hannah von Dalh, John Haskins, HL
Alasdair and Lady Elinor Salter for all of your efforts in running gate.

Deitrich and your set up crew, for load out and in, set up and tear down.
I believe this includes Lady Regan, Liliah (sp) John, Sir Morgan, Lord
Barak, Lady Lynea and His Grace Mahdi...and as I was running like crazy I am
not too sure who I missed, but thank you.

Lady Viviane...your decorations were wonderful...especialy with having to
wing it when the truck broke down.

Lady Elinor for handling the financial issues and wrangling  my teachers.

HL Alasdair for the web site.

HL Chiara Francesca, for the wonderful site favors.

Lord Damon and Meagan...the luncheon was wonderful...thank you my
dears...especially you Damon...for continuing  even after having surgery on

Sir Lasguaard , HL Alasdair, Lord Torquil, HL Katya, and Lord Faelan for
going and rescuing the truck...and then for being everywhere to help  keep
set up going smoothly when every thing finally arrived.

HL Katya, Lady Elizabeth and Count Gunther, for making sure the judges and
Royals were fed at dinner time.

Lady Hannah Von Dahl and Signorina Mea for taking over in the Artisans room
and making sure they were set up.

All of the wonderful people who volunteered to teach classes...you know who
you are...there are many I didn't even know about until the actual event:)

To JT...my wonderful page...who made sure I ate, drank and sat down on
occasion...and who did a lot of running for me.

Klara, thank you for running an informal children's corner...you made an
event that generally has nothing for children to do bearable for them.

To Her Excellency  of Elfsea, Baroness Ameline and Aurelia for their
assistance in judging the children's work.

To Her Excellency Katheryne, for entrusting me with this event, and of
course to Their Majesties, for gracing us with their presence on this day.

If their is anyone I missed...my apologies...my brains are still a little on
the fried side.

Vivat to the new Steppes Artisan, Baroness Isabeau.

Vivat Steppes!! Vivat Ansteorra!!

Rebbe Hadassah Sarai bas Yossi
Event Steward, Steppes Artisan XX
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