[Elfsea] August 4th cookout

Vicki Marsh vmarsh at twmarsh.net
Tue Jul 31 09:40:42 PDT 2007

Ooh, I wish we could come, but my cousin is getting married and we will be
celebrating that ritual with him.

Through my genealogy research, I've been able to re-connect with a few of my
cousins and their children - and grandchildren. All of the 10 Proctor
children (my aunts and uncles) are gone now.


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I have 2 grills including the fire pit, (my other one went to work and is 
used in such ritual searing there)

And yes bring what animal  (or vegetable) you would have seared or fruit of 
the vine and field or garden and stream that would compliment such wondrous 

As to time.. 6ish sounds good! I'll have at least one source of heat ready 
to throw meat upon!


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> You have three grills as I recall. And a fire pit
> made from a big wok.
> And grilling keeps the electric bill down.
> So by participating in the traditional burning of
> meat you are doing a green thing for the world.
> Atta Boy?
> We have a day, do we have a time?
> I am bringing stuff. No one else may bring stuff
> as that will mean there is too much stuff. And my
> stuff I am bringing is better than other stuff.
> Who is bringing what, things, foods and snacks?
> (For the semi literate that is four more people's
> responsibilities.)
> It will not rain, as I have my sunshade back.
> Crandall, who grills all the time to keep the A/C
> in check. I even smoked some green beans. made me
> cough a lot, and they would not stay lit.

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