[Elfsea] A Challenge of Gothic Proportions

HE Kainin Tepesa kainintepesa at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 10:27:42 PDT 2007

Greetings unto my cousin of Elfsea,

Again, I read your missive and find myself confused. I
had thought that we put this matter behind us, after
our conversation in the good Shire of the Shadowlands.
Then I return home and find this letter with your
"challenge", and I cannot help but wonder at what
changed so quickly.

Whatever your motivations or whims, I cannot let a
challenge like this go unanswered. Although, it was
pointed out to me, by a good friend, that in the
ancient laws of courtesy and the chivalric rites, that
he who is challenged receives the choice of weapon and
venue, not the challenger. So your challenge would
seem to be more open threat than a challenge of honor,
but I am sure that you just forgot these traditions
and meant no true harm.

As it stands, I will accept your terms, as given, and
march my forces toward your lands in six weeks time.
There we shall meet, between our great Baronies, and
we shall test the mettle of the West, that you seem so
keen on disparaging. However, good cousin, you will
need to bring additional blunted weapons with you, for
the only swords that the warriors of the West use are
sharpened as a razors edge; we keep our blunted
weapons for the training of our children.

Also, my lady's honor is a separate matter, and Her
Excellency’s champions, past and present, and the
whole of the rapier community of the West, have taken
issue with your words. I suggest that you bring
whatever Dons, Cadets and un-scarfed fighters you can
find with you; I feel that you are going to need them.

In service and care of the lands of our Crown,
Kainin Tepesa
Baron of Bonwicke

--- Dragonetti <dragonetti at generich.com> wrote:

> Greetings and felicitations, unto you, young cousin,
> While tis true that I have a few years on you, I
> trust you did not mean to
> insinuate diminished mental capacities in this
> *aged* cousin of yours. I
> implore you to re-read my previous missive. You seem
> to imagine some
> accusation of infidelity, that is not there. Indeed,
> to the contrary, I
> applaud and acknowledge Her Excellency's recent
> elevation. (Note the capital
> "M" in that missive.) However, your public displays
> of affection provides
> fodder to those who oppose the current nobility.
> This just confirms my fear
> that your judgment is currently compromised.
> Now rest assured, cousin, that I have every faith in
> the fortitude of the
> populace of Bonwicke and the Western region. I am
> blessed to number many, my
> friends in the West and have rallied forces to help
> protect your lands on
> more than one occasion. With the luxury of many
> months to gather your
> allies, I have no doubt you can muster adequate
> defense. However, from a
> swift invasion of an aggressive adversary, I fear
> your demise could be
> equally swift.
> Therefore, I issue you this challenge, dear cousin.
> I propose to bring, in a
> mere six weeks time, a small contingent to your
> borders, with blunted
> weapons, to *test* your readiness in *games* of war.
> If you fail or refuse
> this challenge then I shall implore the crown to
> grant the stewardship of
> those unprotected crown lands of the Western region
> to my care and
> management. In the unlikely event that you prove
> yourself indeed prepared, I
> shall beg your forgiveness and commission my most
> accomplished Bards to laud
> your virtues for future generations. What say you? 
> I view this as my duty, honor and privilege, to do
> all in my power to
> safeguard the Crown's lands, as I take my vows of
> fealty to heart. And to
> those who shall join me in this noble cause, may
> your hearts be at ease.
> There is no honor lost in hardening the steel of our
> fighting forces. This
> endeavor is just.
> So what say you, Baron Kainin? Can you put aside
> your gentler pursuits long
> enough to reassure me?
> Again, I await your swift reply.
> In the service of kingdom & crown, I remain,
> Baron Armand Dragonetti
> Lord Elfsea

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