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So you went to Gothic Wars and didn't get a commemorative "My Baron Can
Whoopeth Thy
Baron" t-shirt? Or you desperately wanted to go to Gothic Wars, but were
trapped under
something heavy and couldn't make it, but you still want one of our
limited edition "My Baron Can Whoopeth Thy Baron" t-shirts?

Well here's your big chance! I have had several good gentles ask if there
will be a
reprint of them, and my t-shirt maven has expressed to me that the shortest
run he can
muster is a couple dozen.

So! If you want one (a loverly black t-shirt with patriotic Ansteorran gold
imagery of 2
barons arm-wrestling, now for the low, low bargain price of $10), then email
me privately
at pippermint at sbcglobal.net with sizes (small-3X), and (important
notice) if there are enough parties interested, I will do another short run
of at least
24, and we'll figure out a payment/delivery schedule. Or if you want to see
a sample
before you buy, I can email you privately as well.

Baroness Oriana


After developing a healthy orange glow, an interest in Olivia Newton-John
and an increased desire to roller-skate, I realized that either these Xanax
tablets are counterfeit or my doctor needs to work on his penmanship skills.
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