[Elfsea] Newest Laurel & LPT

Deana Covel dmcovel79 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 9 14:35:26 PDT 2007

For the newest Laurel elect, Elin the Timid,

  She spent the day dress as a walking portrait in a
beautiful striped gold and red Italian gown. The
pictures should be wonderful.
 The moment was extra special for HL Elin, since it
was Master Philip White who introduced her and was
allowed to call the Order of the Lauel together.  
  Congratulations to HL Elin for a well deserved
honor.  Her elevation date in not decided yet.    

  The rest of the day was a fun event for myself and
the people I spoke with.  Emerald Keep hosted a
wonderful event and provided great food. 
  All the Laurel's gave their prizes privately, but
I'm sure they had a hard time deciding between the
wonderful displays.  I am looking forward to the

In Service,
  HL Hanna von Dahl
  Elfsea MoAS    

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