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I haven't heard any more about the Irish lessons.  Is it still on tonight?  What time?

Vicki Marsh <vmarsh at twmarsh.net> wrote:  Are there peoples of the Iberian penninsula here who would enjoy learning or
sharing Spanish with others?

Xene AKA Ximena Grifón de Mendoça

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Ormsa an locht, I gladly take the blame for this, and would encourage
anyone with even the faintest interest in learning this wonderful language
to attend.

Also, if there are other tongues which tickle your fancy, have them in mind
to bring up at this meeting. I have already confessed on many fronts that I
am that most terrible of wordy rogues, a linguist, and one who welcomes the
opportunity to explore any new forms of communication which present
themselves (even the nonverbal ones).

An duine uasal Yagyu is taking steps to bring Irish alive in our kingdom. I
have also heard the echos of an interest in Welsh, and furthermore I have
resources and some experience with Cornish. All told we represent a fair
portion of both branches of the Insular Celtic tongues. (Now if a Pict comes
into the picture I just don't know /what/ might happen!)

While I hope to work closely with those of you who choose to come out to
Benbrook, I know too there are others who find the journey too trying at
present. It is therefor my hope to branch out into the heart of Steppes and
nurture this enthusiasm for language further. It will be interesting to see
what comes about should Elfsea represent the Goidelic (Irish/Gaelic/Manx)
side of things, while Steppes follows the Brythonic (Welsh/Cornish/Breton
and... mrrr... Pictish/Cumbric *wince*) branch. However, there is no time or
place yet in mind for such a meeting, nor will there be until we see how
this Irish bit turns out.

Sewenna, gon kowetha!
/|\ Cuillioc "Quill" /|\

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> Subject: [Steppes] ahhh...pleasent Benbrook...about Irish Gaelic
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> Benbrook is in the great Canton of Loch Rua....(and forgive me I 
> belieave I am useing a modern spelling of the word for 
> red....).....and It is just outside of Fort Worth.......I could throw 
> a stone and hit the darn city from my house.......for those a bit more 
> knowledge of roads and highways, I am located just off of Hw. 377 
> South going to Grandburry........I provided the physical adress so you 
> could just pop it into mapquest or what ever you use.....but once 
> again the adress is....
> 228 Vista Way
> Benbrook Tx., 76126
> and as for the library of books in dual period Irish and 
> English......that would be amazeing to look at and read.....it would 
> allow a good grasp at seeing just how much the language has 
> changed.....like I said I hope to eventualy move into period 
> Irish....but for right now it is easyer to find books on modern 
> Irish....one step at a time, as an old Japanese teacher once said to 
> me........and yes....we all rather like it refered to as Irish and not 
> Gaelic....lol....the Scotts have dibbs on the just Gaelic 
> thing.....when one finds a book on Gaelic, it is always Scots 
> Gale.......
> and the book we will be useing can be found online with little effort, 
> and you can even buy it with audio cd's, which is the copy I 
> have....so we can listen to them as we work through the book.......and 
> it is "Teach Yourself Irish" by Diarmuid O Se and Joe Sheils........I 
> also have an Irish-English/English-Irish dictionary that I happened 
> across but alas have never ben able to run across anouther 
> copy.......it is put out as part of the Robert Referance Library by 
> the Roberts publishing company.....I have a copy, but if anyone can 
> locate one let me know becouse I could stand to have one more on 
> hand.......I happened apon my Teach Yourself Irish at a Barns and 
> Noble.....but your best bet is to get it online....I know amazon 
> carries it...and I will leave a link to the book here........ 
> http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_ss_gw/104-2011820-6303905?initialSearch
> =1&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=teach+yourself+Irish&Go.x=9&G
> o.y=20
> I am getting more excited about this as the days go by......I think we 
> will all have a lot of fun...... and by the way, Quill.....you have no 
> choice.....I will see you here on the 14th......I will come get you if 
> I have to........this is in part your fault too, lol........
> of there are any more question please e-mail me.....and I will post 
> reminders as we draw closer to the first meet....... so till then, 
> Slante go an caithair deach....(cheers to the 14th)
> Slante agus Slan go foill, mo chardai
> (cheers adn goodbye, my friends)
> Yagyu
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